Life insurance and mixed life insurance are not the same thing!

Generally, lay people think that life insurance and life insurance are the same form of insurance. You are wrong! But hang your head, many financial commentators are wrong too! They have different financial functions and the costs are diametrically opposite, so you can find a product that suits you.

Life insurance provides protection for a certain period of time (called the police concept), the policy is valid, the insurance pays taxes and no tax is paid. If it still exists before the expiration date, the policy will be canceled and there will be no remaining amount. Only complaints matter. This is what your car insurance looks like!

Life insurance is different. This is a mixed combination of investment and insurance.

The amount paid for life insurance is the higher of the insurance amount or the minimum guaranteed amount guaranteed by your investment judgment. In this case, the value of the real estate investment depends on the investment result and the duration of the insurer. The insurer adds a year-end bonus to the guaranteed cost of your life insurance policy each year, usually by adding a terminal. Last Bonus Points is how the value of your life insurance increases year by year with the increase in investment premiums.

The value of these bonuses depends on the insurer’s investment performance. Once the assets are allocated to the insurance policy, you can check with the insurer. However, most people get better life insurance rates by selling life insurance to professional investment brokers rather than charging insurers. The policy’s guaranteed payout amount or the cumulative annual investment premium amount, whichever is greater. However, if you are still alive, you will generally receive a higher salary when the policy expires. Most insurance companies offer additional premiums in case of late payment.

There is also a special form of life insurance, life insurance.

These rules apply for life. Therefore, they are not limited by time. There are also real differences between internet users. Life insurance can be purchased online. The financial services authority views life insurance primarily as an investment product, therefore believes it is best to sell it through a financial advisor, and the recommendation is based on a thorough knowledge of your personal information.

You cannot buy life insurance online.

However, you can find suitable financial advisors online, meet with them and discuss your needs. family. Ideal for paying off known debts (such as mortgages) in full after the policyholder’s death. If the insured person dies within the validity period, he or she can apply for life insurance or life insurance. In the case of default and life insurance, it depends on the insurer’s guaranteed minimum return. But remember, at the end of your policy, life insurance must not pay any expenses and life insurance must reimburse large investments.

It’s more valuable, but more and more people are doing it. Life insurance is much cheaper than life insurance. In addition, in recent years, the rate of return on investment in life insurance has plummeted and many insurers have imposed penalties on policy reimbursements. This has a negative impact on the resale value of life insurance. For death benefits with guaranteed minimum pensions, you are more likely to choose full life insurance. It is a form of lifetime investment with a minimum guarantee. They are particularly useful for estate tax planning. …

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